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May 27, 2009 — Category: Baby Ideas — Written by Kelly

Double the pleasure and double the work, an instant family, that’s just a couple of phrases that come to mind when you hear about twins. Two of everything is needed – there will be no waiting for clothes to be outgrown or toys being tired of as both babies will be doing everything at the same time. If you are buying gifts for parents who have or are expecting twins you will have to buy two of everything.

You can choose from specially produced gifts that are made up for twins – a basket of toys and clothes with everything doubled up – or in the case of triplets, everything in triplicate.

Your gift will be appreciated by the new parents who will probably be struggling to make sure that they have enough of everything. There is a great deal to be bought for any baby and when you have to provide for more than one, it can be quite an effort.

So your carefully chosen gift for twins will be very pleasing to the new parents who will know from this the thought you have given to the new baby gift you have chosen.

Another gift that will be much appreciated with twins is the gift of time – if you can offer to do some of the everyday tasks for the new parents, such as shopping or cleaning, you will free up some of their time and energy so they will get more enjoyment from their new babies

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