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What are you giving the baby for the baby shower?

August 25, 2009 — Category: Baby Gifts — Written by Kelly

The baby shower party is just around the corner and you have no clue what are you going to give the baby or its parents as a gift.

Here are few things which can really please the baby’s mother:

- Lots of nappies: This may not be the most glamorous gift but it proves very useful. The baby’s mother will need many nappies to keep her baby clean and maintain a good hygiene. The nappies could be well packed with some other goodies like baby booties, bibs, etc.

- Blankets, shawls, socks and kerchiefs: Blankets, shawls, socks, etc. are going to be extremely useful to the baby’s parents. Again it is important that you make these gifts appear more attractive by using exciting packaging and incorporating other goodies like soft toys, etc.

- Skin products for the mother: The baby’s mother is going to be resting all the time after the pregnancy. It is therefore important to provide her with a little star treatment and giving her spa products like anti stretch marks creams, face packs and lotions can make her feel so much better.

- Savings bonds: A saving bond is a great way to invest in the child’s future. This will help the baby’s parents to start thinking about the child’s future plans.

Baby gifts can be given at any time. For example, they could be given on special occasions involving the child’s early achievements like the first word uttered, the first walk, etc. These gifts are sometimes passed from generation to generation.

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