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What does your baby need to sleep in?

August 15, 2011 — Category: Baby Products — Written by natalie

Your baby will eventually sleep in a cot so you can skip the expense of a Moses basket and go straight for the cot.


To buy new or second hand?

You do not need to spend money on towels or blankets and bedding for the new baby you can use yours or buy second hand just use a non-bio washing powder and give it a good wash and dry on the line.

Don’t waste money on baby books have a wonder round a local car boot sale or charity shop you will find most things that any new baby needs.

For example a baby bath as long as it has no damage give it a good clean and it’s as good as one you have just bought from a shop at a fraction of the price.

You can also buy good quality baby clothing just give it a wash and it is the same as you spending a fortune on new clothing after it’s first wash which many new mum’s do anyway.

Babies grow so quickly that it has more than likely only been worn a few times and you might even find some unworn items if you look carefully.

The National Childbirth Trust Nearly holds New Sales in most parts of the country which is also a great way to buy good quality used baby items as they check all items and will not sell any broken, damaged or items that should not be re-used  like mattresses.

If you prefer to buy new, how can you save money?

Shop around, buy budget brands and never miss sale supermarkets like George at ASDA, and Tesco sell stylish baby clothes for a lot less than Baby Gap. Ikea sell most nursery items that will be a bargain compared to the equivalent item at Mothercare or Boots, too.

Shop on-line eBay, pre loved or on line stores so you can compare prices great for larger items as delivered to your door.

Supermarkets and shops like Poundland or Wilkinsons are great for basic items as they have many offers on nappies, baby wipes nappy creams so shop around again look online to see what offers the supermarkets have to save visiting them all.

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