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When your baby is crying

April 5, 2009 — Category: Baby Advice — Written by Diane

It is difficult to know how to deal with this, whether it’s your first or a later baby. When you look at all the advice offered, it seems to differ from one expert to another, and you will probably find that all your friends and family have different ideas about it too.

As a new mum of a first baby, it can feel quite frightening to have a baby crying and not to know whether to follow the advice to go to your baby, or to leave them. Even with a second baby it can be worrying, as all babies are different. Like most things to do with your new baby, you will become the person who knows most about them. Of course it’s difficult at first to know what the crying means, and this is where your midwife or health visitor can help as they are an expert who will actually get to know your baby too, so can use their expertise and personal knowledge of your baby to advise you.

And sometimes of course, you simply can’t break off what you are doing to go to the baby; this may be especially true when you are looking after a toddler as well. One tip some people have found useful is to talk to your baby – just chatting to them about what you are doing, not only when they are crying but anytime; this keeps them in touch with you and gives them confidence that you are there, even when you are not holding them.

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