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Which Monitor?

December 1, 2008 — Category: Baby Products — Written by Kelly

If the parents-to-be have issued a wish list of gifts for their baby and you’ve chosen the baby monitor then there are some things you need to consider before you go rushing out to buy. There is a surprisingly large array of baby monitors available to its important that you talk to the parents and establish what features they would prefer and if possible get the actual model from them. Asides needing to find one that is robust and sturdy think about how the parents will use the monitor.

Mobility can be a key factor when choosing a baby monitor and there are differing levels of mobility available. Most monitors have a base unit that plugs into the nursery wall and should be positioned somewhere close to the cot. Then there will be a receiver that can either come as a plug-in or wireless. The plug-in varieties limit movement to just one room whereas a busy mum may prefer one that she can pick up and take with her from room to room.

You can also buy monitors that come with more than one monitor. If dad also likes to listen out for the baby then it gives both parents the option to listen in different locations. On a practical level it can be easy to misplace the baby monitor in the same way you would keys or the phone so having a standby can be a lifesaver until the other one turns up!

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