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Your One month old baby

August 17, 2013 — Category: Baby related — Written by natalie

The one month old baby is developing quickly as muscles are getting stronger and senses more developed. It’s an exciting time for new parents as they feel that their new baby is starting to interact and respond to them.

The bonding process is well underway.

Posture and large movement

Baby is now making large jerky movements of limbs arms are more active than legs.

Baby will lie in supine position head to one side, arm and leg on face side will be out stretched, or both arm flexed; knees apart soles of feet turned inwards.

When you touch babies cheek he/she will turn and try to suck finger.

When ear touched baby will turn away.

If placed in prone position the baby will turn head immediately to side and will move arms and legs away from the body, buttocks moderately high

Prone Position

Prone Position

If held in the ventral position the baby will hold his head in line with body now but arms and legs may still hang downwards.

Eyes and Vision

Baby will now turn to light source being a window or artificial light but will shut eyes when a a light is shone directly into them.

Pupils react to light.

Babies gaze can be caught and held if in line of vision from 6-10 cm away from face.

Baby will follow movement.

Baby watches your face when feeding this is a great bonding opportunity so talk or sing to them from birth.

Baby Blinks from 6-8 weeks


Baby is startled by sudden noises

Baby will usually turns toward sound or voice but not when screaming or feeding. But will normally stop crying if picked up and spoken to in a soft voice.

This is a very important time in any new parents and babies life you must not rush your very special time together so don’t answer the phone or the door it can all wait and enjoy just being together as a family.

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